Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big Fish in a Small Pond

I just moved.  In.  With a boy.  It's a whole new world of sharing covers, finding tools in kicthen drawers and discovering all my Starbursts have been eaten.  But, as I discovered this morning, it is also having coffee freshly brewed for you.  And, yes I know about those machines with timers (I have one!), but there is something kind of delightful about stumbling out of bed and finding a steaming mug already filled for you.  Because I am just that incompetent in the morning.  So, it's a transition, but it's wonderful. 

Sure.  Whatever.  Because there is one glaring problem.  I mean, a smack-you-in-the-face, this-may-be-a-deal-breaker kind of problem.  The bed is too small.  Which seems ridiculous.  It's a queen sized bed and we're average size people.  Ok, I might be smaller than average, but that only means there should be more room, right?  Turns out the two crazy pugs and the step-dog (a yellow lab) have other ideas about that.  They have all decided that approximately 77.8% of the bed belongs to them.  And when they are not busy snoring like old men, they are baking.  Like, seriously, I think they each have some kind of internal heating appliance that does not work when, say, it's freezing in the living room and we're watching TV, but goes into overdrive when I'm sleeping and it's warm and I just. can't. breathe. from all the freaking heat.

I mentioned this to boyfriend--the impossibility of sleeping in that bed one more night--and he gave me three options.  Everything is "three options" with him.  Damn lawyer.  Anyway, he says, we can crate them, we can sleep in separate rooms, thus separating the dogs a limiting the number of living beings in any given bed at any one time, or we can take the mattress from the guest room and put it on the floor next to our bed, thus creating an entire room of nothign but bed.  So, I feel it is incumbent on me to address these in turn.  I know, another damn lawyer. 

Crating: will result in howling, barking, whining dogs and will reduce the already finite number of hours I sleep as it is. 
Separate rooms: regardless of your opinions on cohabitation and living together before you're married, I think it is safe to say this is kind of ridiculous.
Giant bed-a-copia: this sounds delightful in theory.  I walk into my room and find one giant bed covering the enitre floor?  Yes please!  However, in practice, not to much.  Um, how do I get to the closet?  Roll over?  Ok, good suggestion.  But, how do I open my dresser drawers?  Yeah, stumped you on that one, didn't I?

What I actually found surprising lacking from my three options was the first one that crossed my mind: king sized bed!!  So, you know, time to go shopping, I guess!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to Your Life

I woke up this morning and realized that at some point I started living the life of a responsible, educated adult.  Which is not at all who I think I am.  Two years ago I was a professional student, having spent the last 24 of my 29 years in one form of school or another.  I woke up whenever the dog had to go out and pee and spent my days shopping at Target, going to the movies at 11am and, occasionally, going to a class or two.  Now, I'm a thirty-ish girl living this crazy life that barely leaves time for breathing, let alone catching a movie (even on a weekend). 

I live with a boy, my two crazy pugs and a big sweet step-dog.  And I wonder, at what point did I become this person who wakes up at 6:30, makes a pot of coffee and hands her man a travel mug as he walks out the door in his tailored suit?  And why am I not living on a giant pug farm in the middle of nowhere?  These are the questions that keep me up at night.  These, and, is that movie still in the theater or has it already hit DVD?  And did I pay the water bill this month?

I've always loved to cook and read and wanted to learn to garden... so, this is my chronicle of waking up into this life I've been living and welcoming the grown-up world.  Along with a few adventures in cooking, reading and, come springtime, my first foray into growing things.  That alone should be worth the read.  Watch as the girl with the black thumb of death tries to keep something alive for more than a week (something that can't bark at me and lick my toes, anyway).  Or don't.  Entirely up to you.

Mtn Girl